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What do you think of when you think about exercise, good nutrition and great health? What do you think it takes to achieve these goals?


It’s important to get to know ourselves and to know how we think. By knowing what sensations we link to certain concepts we can identify why it is that we seem to procrastinate more in regards to certain activities than others. For example, you may be more motivated to watch a film at the cinema with a big drink and a box of popcorn than go for a run or cook a nice nutritious meal and read a book.


If you’re currently out of shape, my guess is that you probably link massive amounts of pain to the latter and pleasure to the former. The real key to being able to take action in the direction of our wants is to figure out what steps and actions are necessary to take in order to achieve them and link positive associations to the necessary actions.


If you want to lose weight and have a lean physique, then the necessary actions that are needed would be good nutrition, plenty of activity and consistency. The only problem is, what happens if you link massive amounts of pain to exercise and healthy foods? You may think that it’s too uncomfortable and sometimes painful to exercise, so you’d rather watch TV or play video games. You may also think that healthy food is too bland and not stimulating enough to your taste buds, so you’d rather eat something high in salt, sugar and fat (processed foods) because it brings you pleasure.


If your psychological associations to certain activities and foods are negative ones, you’ll always find it difficult to take action. This difficulty will lead to procrastination, inaction and failure. The fact that you won’t be getting closer to what you actually really want, will make you feel less happy and confident with your current situations. All of these negative traits will manifest themselves in your subconscious mind and will find a way to creep through into you daily actions. It may make you act irrationally, you may be grumpy or angry on certain days, you may even feel disempowered because you just can’t seem to get the most important aspect of your life together, which is your health. You definitely don’t want to be experiencing such feelings throughout your day because it will just make you a less effective human being.


On the other hand, if you decide to take control of your life and choose to figure out how to do it, you’ll then be more receptive to strategies that can work for you. The key is wanting to change and knowing why you want to change. By knowing what this change will bring you, you can motivate yourself to take action because your end goal will be the motivator. The vision you have will pull you and lead you to feel excited.


You must use this vision and the excitement associated with that vision and link it to all the activities that will bring you closer to becoming the person you desire. When you link good feelings and emotions to exercise and good nutrition it will make the whole task easier and you’ll be motivated to take action. Eventually, you’ll want to do all the activities that take you closer to your goal because you’ll feel good about doing them and success will come naturally because you’ll have adopted the habits that lead to success.


Change you associations and you’ll change your life!

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