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The enemy that's causing you to be fat

how can i trust you how can it be how to help people how to lose weight fast life is short the person trying to kill me what food companies don't want you to know who is my enemy your worst enemy

We all have our struggles in life and anything that can facilitate our journey is welcomed. Some of the daily battles we come up against are things like; waking up on time in the morning, making sure our work gets done so that we can keep our jobs, paying our bills, eating right and exercise are all just a few to mention.


An interesting thing to note however is that many of our battles cause us to fear for our survival, like not getting our work done could lead us to losing our job and not paying the bills could lead us to being homeless, but are these really the struggles we should be fearing as they’re relatively manageable. We associate massive amounts of pain to losing the pleasures that they bring, but in terms of our survival I think we’d do just fine if we lost our job or couldn’t pay the bills. In this day and age the possibilities are endless and there are many ways of getting ourselves back on our feet if we happen to lose our jobs or not pay the bills.


The main battle that seems to be overlooked is the one that we fight every single day, either knowingly or unknowingly but it’s very real. It’s so real that it could well be putting you at a psychological and physical disadvantage each and every single day. That struggle is your health. This is the real battle that we’re fighting. Interestingly enough the battle is not against who you may think. It’s not against ourselves that we’re battling for good heath and confidence but it’s against the big food companies that constantly bombard you with calorie bombs that do you no good. Psychological warfare is waged on you on a daily basis through advertising and product placement and you’re caught in the crossfire.


It becomes very difficult to win a war when you believe that your enemies are your allies. When you can’t identify the enemy you can’t win the war because you’ll be fed faulty information. This is why you need to take immediate action and drastic action to identify your enemy as soon as possible so that you can start strategizing a plan to win.


Products (processed foods that are high in sugar, fat, salt and chemicals) are their weapons that they set out like mines for you to step on at anytime. It’s very important for you to get your mine detector up and running immediately so that you can avoid losing a limb (literally… diabetics lose limbs due to their eating habits). If you know that people are out to get you, you’ll be more motivated to protect yourself.


There’s a strange psychological bias towards securing our resources rather than acquiring more. For example, it appears that people are more motivated to stop somebody from stealing £1ooo from them rather than going out and making £1000. It’s the way we’re programmed, so just think about what’s going on here. Your enemy is trying to steal your health and all you have to do to protect yourself is stop purchasing the products (bombs) that cause you to die slowly. By acquiring the knowledge that will provide you with the awareness for what not to step on you’ll eventually win the war and regain your healthy body that’s being destroyed by the enemy.


 Just think of it this way. Nature is your ally and chemistry is your enemy when it comes to nutrition. Good nutrition will lead to good health so stop buying processed foods and eat healthy, fresh produce and you’ll experience fat loss, energy and clarity of mind.


Life is short enough as it is and we don’t need the help of these companies to make it shorter than it is!

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