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The real reason you're not losing weight

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Why is it that we find it so hard to lose weight? It seems to be an impossible task to achieve, even though we’ve been bombarded by so much information explaining to us how we can lose weight. All of this knowledge and still no progress… We begin something only to stumble later on, eventually relapsing into our old habits.

Why is it so hard to lead a healthy lifestyle when we know it’s the most beneficial way for us to live? Not only does it make us lose weight but it also provides us with better health and better energy. Choosing to live a specific way will give you everything you want. A healthier diet leads to a healthier slimmer body. A healthier slimmer body leads to more energy and confidence. More energy and confidence leads to a positive outlook on life because you’ve achieved and mastered a task that was once difficult. A positive outlook on life allows you to have the courage to take on anything you choose to put your mind to.

So why is it so difficult to choose to live the way that will allow us to have everything we want? It seems like we’re addicted and under the spell of the everyday conventional foods that are so high in salt, sugar and fat which make us crave these foods. We’re hardwired from our ancestors to want to seek out calorie dense sources of food. Food high in sugars and fats that are slightly salty are especially the ones we crave, so it can appear daunting to take on the task initially. The idea of giving up these foods is what haunts us. The fear of starting something, only to have a hiccup one day, eating a packet of Oreos which leads us to fly of the rails and sling shots us into a session of binge eating which eventually throws us back into our old habits.

This fear of failing and of giving up specific foods is what scares us and paralyses our chances of success. So what would happen if we could kill this fear? By taking back the power and getting rid of this fear you take back control and have more confidence in succeeding with your task. If you know that you have a history of dieting for a certain amount of time, religiously, not allowing yourself to eat any of the old processed foods that you used to eat, you probably used up a lot of will power and once the seal was broken the junk food came flooding back in.

When we deprive ourselves of foods that we’re so used to eating it feels like a colossal task because we feel the fear of eventually giving in to infectious spell of junk food and failing. So what happens if you allow yourself one day a week to eat all of the foods that you actually deprive yourself of? What happens if all you need to do is follow a specific lifestyle for six days of the week and the 7th you can eat any kind of food you want and have as much of it as you please. That doesn’t sound so hard now does it?

By taking on this kind of approach it minimises and practically removes the chance of relapsing because you’re actually allowed to have the foods that you like at least one day out of the week and that makes the task a lot easier when you think about it. At least in comparison to having done all of these hard core crash diets in the past where all foods were off limits. This is a breeze compared to that.

If you want to guarantee your success with a specific weight loss plan, the perfect lifestyle to adopt is this one right here that I’m going to share with you. If throughout your week you eat healthy, clean, whole foods and eat at a caloric deficit (when you eat less calories than your body burns in a day) and on the seventh day go wild, you’ll lose weight very rapidly. By remaining active you’ll enhance your results and if you throw in some resistance training as well to increase lean tissue, you’ll burn more calories, which will result in fat loss even while you’re resting (Lean tissue needs a lot more calories to maintain compared to fat).

By allowing yourself to eat food in excess on one day of the week you’re actually increasing your fat loss results even more because you’re reminding your body that you’re not starving of calories and that there is a plentiful source available. This maintains a healthy hormone production that increases testosterone and leptin, which help with muscle growth, fat loss and your satiety indicators (feeling full). This is the ultimate lifestyle because you deprive yourself of nothing and each week that you succeed is immediately rewarded by a massive reward that you can take pleasure in all day long. This really does set up a positive feedback loop that motivates you to keep going. By instilling this positive connection you reinforce a positive habit, which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You eliminate the fear of failure and you can enjoy the process because you’re not losing anything. The foods that you would like to eat are still there, they’re just programmed to be had in moderation. This is the ultimate lifestyle because you then appreciate the foods that you eat which makes you more aware of the foods available which leads to you eating responsibly. This is all just a by-product of living a specific way. It literally instils positive habits in you by following the simple steps and enjoying the process.

Weight loss has never been so easy and it can begin today!

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