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Healthy by knowledge was started because I wanted to share information on health and nutrition with you. My name is Zayd Shah and I've been researching and experimenting for the past ten years, different strategies to lose weight effectively. My motivation comes from the fact that as a child and teenager I struggled with weight problems along with my family as well. Obesity and diabetes seemed to be reoccurring themes in my family's history and I eventually took the decision to go a different route. I decided to educate myself and experiment with as much of the information that I gathered to see if I could change my direction towards a healthier and fitter life. Eventually I got control and I've narrowed down the main keys that actually generate results and make a difference!
All the information is orientated towards health and nutrition and I believe that the more you surround yourself with the correct kind of knowledge the more chance you have of becoming a healthier person, both mentally and physically.

    The reason I felt the need to start a show is so that I could provide you with a powerful source of information. Recipes, tips and ideas that will help you along your journey to leading a healthier lifestyle. Over a decade of experience has been gathered in health and in fitness and the true indicator of whether you'll achieve a healthy body or not is decided in the kitchen. Real health begins in the kitchen and it's important to know what goes into your body.

    Exercise is the tuning up of the incredible machine that you possess. If you combine good nutrition with exercise you'll achieve incredible results in the way you look, feel and think. A positive ripple effect begins to take place which leads you to begin to improve in all areas of life because you have increased in confidence. You have taken control of your health and now know that you can do the same for any other area of your life.

    My goal is to share with you the most effective information that I've gathered over the past decade through actual experience which includes knowledge from countless books and seminars on health and fitness, testing out different diets; Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, vegetarian, a variety of workouts and long distance running and over 15 years of experience in the kitchen.

    My experience has allowed me to narrow down into what is the best way to live a healthy lean life, without too much effort. By identifying what eating patterns, exercise plans and nutrition is best for the body, I've figured out how anyone can begin to lose weight and improve their lifestyle from the very first day!

    I'll be sharing daily videos and blogvlog posts to help you along your journey to living a healthy lifestyle and I look forward to hearing from you :)

    Follow on Instagram @healthybyknowledge for motivational pictures, quotes and health and fitness videos. Everything you need to know in the kitchen will soon be available on the channel. stay tuned.

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